General Questions

Do you give high volume discounts?

Use promo code "BulkPrice15" to get 15% off your order of 250 or more (or 10 cases of 25).

Why only 5 box sizes? Can I get a different size?

Keeps the ordering process simple, and it allows us to order truckload quantities to give you pricing only the largest companies typically get. You can contact us at hello@boxzen.io to get a quote, but custom box sizes typically run 2-3x the cost of these items. Read more on why we only offer five sizes.

How long does it take to get my order?

While other custom box makers typically take weeks to get you your order, our simplified process helps get you your order faster. You can expect us to ship your customized box within 7-9 business days.

How will my boxes be shipped? 

We ship the boxes flat using stretch film and usually ship them regular ground using FedEx, UPS or LTL depending on the location, delivery speed and size of the order.

Can you change the design (size, color, etc)?

To keep this process simple and easy for your team and our team, we only offer the customization listed on the product page. Keep your eyes peeled as we have more upgrades coming soon!

Can I proof my order? 

We want you to get our order as soon as possible therefore we aren’t allowing for proofs at this point in time. Since it's tough to tell by a picture how it will really come out on kraft brown boxes, we've put together a guide to what each color looks like on our cardboard boxes. You could also put in a test order of 25 boxes to see how they turn out. If you want to see a proof note that it will slow the process (send us an email at hello@boxzen.io).

Where's my order? Tracking info? 

You can send us an email to get more information at: hello@boxzen.io

What will my design look like on the box?

The better image quality you send us, the better it will look. Smaller boxes, smaller logos with higher resolution with dark colors will look better on kraft brown boxes. Whatever you get should be better than a plain brown box, right?


Why are there only 5 boxes in kraft brown?

Kraft brown is more popular (and better for the environment!) than mottled white. Plus, by having only five items we help you save over 50% from fully customized box sizes and designs. Reducing options makes it easier for you to buy and easier for us. With less inventory, less warehouse space and less people, our team can get your boxes to you even faster.

What if I want a different size or color box?

We suggest you get a quote from BrandableBox.io, our sister company, should you need a different box size or color (such as mottled white boxes). Check back soon as we'll likely add mottled white in these five sizes soon.

Will my logo look good on brown boxes? Will you have white boxes soon?

If your brand uses a light or pastel-colored logo, you should likely choose a solid black logo for the brown boxes. We’ll be adding the same five sizes in mottled white soon. Need help with colors? Check out our guide to colors on cardboard

I have white in my logo. What will that look on my boxes?

Is your logo white or include white elements? Our printing process cannot support spot-color applications for white ink at this time. White elements on your logo will not print onto your box, but instead show as the cardboard color. White registers with our 4-color printer as zero values and so the printer does not use any ink in that space.

Can I print other companies designs or logos (e.g. Nike)?

No, you should only print logos and designs that you own the right to.

Does it have to be just a logo?

The simpler the design, the better the quality of printing. However, technically you can upload any design you want as long as it fits within the required logo dimensions. We suggest you place a test order of 25 boxes to see how they turn out first.

It’s also worth comparing the cost and benefit with a quote from BrandableBox.io, who does completely custom packaging, to determine which site is right for you.

If I pick two sides of the box to place my logo on, which sides of the box are they? 

The standard two-sided logo print is on two adjoining sides of the box.

Price Match Guarantee Questions

How do I request a price match from Box Zen?

When making a purchase, or during the return and exchange period, price match requests from Box Zen are handled via phone. Please email djaros@prattindustries.com for a Box Zen price match request. Please tell us about the lower price that is still in effect that you want Box Zen to price match. Box Zen will then review and verify the price match request. A price match request after a purchase from Box Zen can be requested either by the person to whom the product was shipped, or by the person who was billed for the purchase.

How do I show "proof" of price?

The best way to show proof of price is to notify us of the website address of the designated major online retailer. We may check the website address of the designated major online retailer to verify the lower price and availability of the item.

Are competitors' services eligible for price matching?

No. Due to the differences in services being performed, Box Zen does not match competitors' service prices.

How does your price match policy apply to pre-orders and backorders?

It will not apply in these situations.

How does your price match policy cover an item scheduled for delivery from Box Zen?

If the price of an item drops at Box Zen at any time before its scheduled delivery date, we will refund 100% of the difference, including tax.

What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a qualifying competitor will advertise a product in ads and on its website as having limited quantities in stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching. Likewise, if Box Zen has a product that is advertised as being limited in quantity it will not be eligible for price matching. 

Is the price match policy different Internationally?

Only applies to domestic (lower 48) pricing at this time.

Does Box Zen price match "free gift with purchase" offers?

No. Box Zen does not price match "free gift with purchase" orders. This includes free gift card with purchase offers.

Does Box Zen price match offers with financing?

Box Zen does not match competitors' financing offers. Box Zen also does not price match to a competitors' price that can only be received when using the competitor's credit card.

Does Box Zen match competitors' trade-in value and offers on trade-in products?

No. Box Zen does not match our competitors' trade-in value and offers on trade-in products.

How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to coupons?

Box Zen does not match competitors' coupons. Also, customers can either use a coupon or price match to a lower price, but not both. Box Zen does not allow a coupon to be used on a product that has a price match guarantee.

Did you do a competitive price analysis?

We did, and below is the results of that pricing comparison for the 8x8x8 box (completed April 2019). If there's a difference, please email us at hello@boxzen.io so we can update the chart.

Custom Shipping Box Competitive Price Comparison